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These candles are fragranced, when lit this candle will provide nice aromatic smell into your home. Having these candles in your home can bring a relaxing vibe into your living space. The glow from the candle is not too bright and will provide a nice nightlight. Our candles are made of natural ingredients, the candle is made of soy wax and essential oils. The Wax is extracted from soybeans. Soybean wax melts at a lower temperature than a normal candle, this causes the wax to burn evenly. The result is that soy wax candles will last twice as long than of a normal candle.

Our candles contain no paraffin, you would expect to find paraffin in most fragranced candles. There are many issues with paraffin, it is a concentrate from a petroleum. the use of paraffin is not ideal for people struggling with asthma or bronchitis. Using our soy wax candles will provide a cleaner burn.

The candles come in a glass jar, no candle holder is required. This candle comes in a small box, and would make a nice gift for anyone that enjoys the use of fragranced candles. 


  • It makes a perfect gift for a loved one.
  • No use of chemicals.
  • It comes in a glass container, with no need for a candle holder.
  • Essential oils used to fragrance the candles.
  • Will burn twice as long as a normal candle.


We aim to dispatch within 2 working days, we use yodel and they should take around 3 working days to arrive. 


If you received a product that is damaged please get in touch with photos, we will send another one free of charge for you. If you decide you are not happy with the product please get in touch within 14 days of receiving to return.

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