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What are wax melts?

What are wax melts?

Many people enjoy the use of a scented candle in their home, switching over to the use of wax melts has many benefits.

Wax melts are made of the same material as of a candle, however, a wax melts contain no wick and it does not require to be burnt. Wax melts are fragranced and this is usually achieved with essential oils. Wax melts come usually in small cubes or shaped figures. People use wax melts to bring natural aromas into their homes.  They are required to be heated to release their aromas. You will need an oil burner or an electric wax melt burner to heat up the wax. Wax melts are required to be kept in a dry cool place as some wax can lose its aromas if not stored properly. 

Using an oil burner to heat up your wax melts is the most popular option, where you use the heat from the tealight to melt the wax. Some people might be restricted from doing this in the presence of children. An electric wax melt burner has no open flame, you can heat up the wax by a switch of a button.

Different types of wax melts

 There are two types of wax melts that are widely available on the market. You have normal wax melts, which are made from the same material as of a candle. And its key ingredient is paraffin which can cause health problems when burnt. You also have soy wax melts which are made from soybean oils. This is much more of a natural product as there are no toxic chemical exists within the soy wax. It also has a lower melting point than normal wax.

Why use wax melts?

Using wax melts is a great way of bringing natural aromas into your home and avoiding the use of household chemicals. It a great way of bringing clean fresh smell into your home. Many people that suffer from asthma or chest problems will have a reaction to the presence of paraffin in the air from scented candles. Using soy wax melts is a great alternative and avoiding the presence of toxins. 

Using wax melts are cheaper

Wax melts can hold their aromas up to 50% longer than normal candles, as they are only gently heated and not burnt. Switching over to using wax melts will save you money in the long run. There is also less packaging with wax melts avoiding waste going to landfill.

Creating your own custom fragrance

Using wax melts can be a fun and creative way of fragrancing your home. You can create your own unique aroma using wax melts, you can actually mix a few different wax melts together to create your own. You could mix orange wax melts with a mango wax melts to create a unique aroma.