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How to use wax melts

What is wax melts?

Wax melts are made of the exact same material than of a candle, the method of using them is very different from each other. A candle requires a flame to release the aromas. While wax melts require a wax burner which heats up the wax to release its aromas. Wax burner is a more convenient and safer method of using scented wax in your home.

How yo use wax melts?

For you to use your wax melts properly, we recommend using an electric wax melt burner. You simply switch on the burner and place your favorite wax melt in the bowl at the top. The heat from the burner will cause the wax to melt, the aromas from the wax will be released into your home. 

Many parents enjoy the use of scented candles in their home and they might be restricted with the presence of children. An electric wax melter has no open flame, this makes it a much safer method of fragrancing your home. 

You can also use an oil burner to melt your wax. You simply ignite a tea light and place inside the oil burner, you place your favorite wax melts at the top. The heat from the tealight will cause the wax to melt. However, we do recommend that you use an electric wax burner, using an oil burner the temperature might be too high for the wax, especially if you are using soy wax. 

How many wax melts to use?

So you have decided to purchase a wax burner and you got your favorite wax melts ready. How many should you use at a time? We do recommend that you use 1 cube at a time to provide a fresh and not too overpowering aromas. However, if you do decide you would like a very strong aromas in your home you can use 2 wax melts at a time. 

Finding a place for your wax burner

These burners do heat up, we do recommend that the burner is placed somewhere safe away from the reach of children. You will need to find a place that is close to an electric outlet, be sure that the cable is out of harm's way, don't allow the cable to hang off the kitchen table, etc. 

Using wax melts is an amazing alternative of scented candles to provide aromas in your home, it efficient and easy to use. 

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