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How to use a oil burner

How to use oil burners

Using an oil burner is a great way of providing natural aromas into your living space. For the oils to release its aromas it will be required to be heated this can be done usually with a tea light. There are also electrical oil burners that use a hot plate to heat up the oils. 

With your standard oil burner simply ignite your tea light and place it inside the oil burner there is usually a compartment for the tea light. You can place your favorite essential oils at the top. The heat from the candle will cause the oils to vaporize releasing its beautiful aromas.

Electrical oil burners

With an electrical version, you simply plug the electrical oil burner to an electric outlet. Be sure that it is placed in a safe secure place, and the cable is not hanging, such as over a side of a table. Choose a place that is safe from the reach of children. Simply switch on your oil burner and add you're essential oils in the bowl at the top. The heat from the electric oil burner will cause the essential oils to vaporize releasing its natural aromas.

Ultrasonic diffusers

 An ultrasonic diffuser is a device that disperses the essential oils into your living space, it does not require to be heated. As it not heated it is much healthier for humans to inhale its fragrance. The ultrasonic diffuser uses vibrations to change the liquid into water vapor.

From to of all of the oil burners, ultrasonic diffusers are the most problematic as they are easily breakable and not always perform as they should. While the other two methods are much easier and more reliable, and often cheaper to purchase.

Choosing the right oil burner

There are a few things that you will need to check before purchasing an oil burner. If you decide to go for an oil burner that is required a tea light, be sure to choose a burner with a large bowl at the top. The material used for an oil burner is also important, be sure that it is made of ceramic. Ceramic can withhold heat and prevent cracking. 

If you decide to go for an electrical oil burner be sure that it complies with UK electrical safety standards. You can find the markings on the plug, there also should be a manual that comes with the electrical oil burner. These devices do heat up and you want to make sure that you are using a safe product.

With an ultrasonic oil diffuser be sure to follow the instructions that come with it. People often don't follow the instructions and the device tends to brake. 

To use essential oils in your home you will need a burner to use these oils, but it is worth the investment to bring natural aromas into your home.