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How to make wax melts

How to make wax melts

Making wax melts is fun and very to make. It can take up to a few days for the wax melts to be completely ready to use. You simply purchase a raw wax blend. You can purchase these from any candle making supplier. You can heat the wax in a pan or in a wax burner, once the wax is melted you can use your favorite essential oils and mix it within the melted wax. We recommend using a 10% oil ratio to wax to get a strong aromatic smell from the wax melts.

Making the wax melts

Now the fun part adding the wax mixture to a shape of a wax melts. You can use any mold as you wish to shape your wax melts, however, we recommend using a small muffin tray. When choosing a mold be sure to take measurement of the wax burner bowl, so the wax melts fit perfectly. Last thing you want to make the wax melts too big, and causes the wax to overflow over the burner. 


Let it cool

Once you have place your wax melts into the mold, wait a few hours for the wax to cool, you should wait around 4 hours. The wax should come out easily from its mold, if you are struggling to get it out you should wait longer for it to cool. Once you have popped out the wax melts place them in a plastic back and store for 48 hours. Making your wax melts yourself s a much cheaper solution than purchasing, and you also know exactly what has gone into making them.

Adding color

You can add dyes to your melted wax mix to give any color as you wish. You can purchase these dyes from any candle making supplier. You can even make rainbow layered wax melts, this takes a bit longer and more work. For each colored wax melts mix will have to be done separately, you place your first melted wax melt mix in the tray and let it cool. After cooled, you can add another color at the top you can repeat this process as much as you want to have different layers of colors on your wax melt mix.

Making your own wax melts is a creative way of making your own natural product than you can use to fragrance your home.