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How to clean your wax burner

Cleaning your wax burner

Using a wax burner can create a relaxing aromatic fragrance in your home, however, after heavy use the wax burner might require to be cleaned. The old wax can collect or the fragrance might be a mix of old wax melts. Cleaning can be quite tricky so we have created this article to show you the easiest way to clean your wax burner. 

Cleaning while wax is solid

We don't recommend that you try and get the wax out when it solid, this method can be very difficult and you could damage your wax burner. We recommend that you heat up the wax for a few minutes, you can use a scraper to push the solid wax out of its place. Any excess wax use cotton buds to get rid of the little bits that you might have missed. Do not use a metal scraper to clean your wax burner use a wooden spoon or scraper made of rubber. Using metal can cause damage to your wax burner.

If you are struggling for time, this method of cleaning your wax burner is probably the easiest. Once you turn off your wax burner place a ribbon within the liquid wax melts. Let the wax cool off, you simply pull the ribbon and all of the wax should come out with it.

Cleaning while the wax when is liquid

The easiest way to clean your wax burner is to heat up the wax until all of it is liquid. We would recommend before cleaning let the wax cool to avoid burning. You can simply use cotton wool or paper towels to remove the liquid wax, once all of the wax is removed it will be much easier to clean the bowl.

Freezing your wax melts

If you got a wax burner that is a non-electrical you can simply place the wax burner in the freezer and the wax should come out very easy. If you have an electrical wax melt burner simply remove the glass bowl and place it in the freezer. Cleaning your wax burner by freezing the wax is probably one of the quickest methods.

How often should I clean my wax burner

We do recommend that you clean your wax burner every time you add a new wax melts. Doing this will provide a much cleaner aromatic fragrance. However we know this can be time-consuming every time you decide to do this. Probably the best time to clean your wax burner is when you change in between wax melts so you don't have an aroma of mixed wax melts.

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