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How long do wax melt last

How long do wax melts last?

Each wax melt lasts about 15-20 hours, however, what we mean by how long a wax melt last is how long it holds its aromas, the wax will still be there without its scent. Once you notice that there are no longer any aromas coming from the wax melts this is when you know you will need to change your wax melts. 

Other factors

There are other factors that need to be taken into account on how long a wax melt will last for you. It depends on the temperature you are melting your wax. The higher the temperature the quicker the wax will lose its aromas. It also depends how warm your house is, some scented wax can melt easier than others, a scented soy wax melts has a lower melting point than other scented wax. 

Wax melts come in different sizes and shapes, a larger wax melt will last much longer than a smaller piece. The quality of the wax melts also varies on the market., the poorer wax melts will have less scent within and would expect these poorer quality wax melts to last around 7 hours. 

Different methods of using wax melts

If you decide to use an oil burner to heat up your wax melts, which requires a candle to heat up the wax. You would expect the scent from the wax to go much quicker than using an electric wax melt burner. Using an electric wax melt burner will gently heat the wax melt making it last much longer. 

Different concentration of wax melts

Depends on who manufactures these wax melts but the oils that provide the aroma within the wax melts should be around 6%. However this number varies, a premium quality wax melts you would expect around 10% ratio, and the poorer quality would have less than 3%. The higher the concentration of oils within the wax melts the longer these wax melts will last.

The types of oils used

There are two types of oils that provide its aromas with a wax melt.  The oils used are essential oils and fragrance oils. Fragrance oils are much more synthetic than the essential oil, which is made of natural ingredients. You would expect a fragranced oil to last longer than a essential oil.  

Be careful where you store them

Do not store your wax melts close to a radiator or a warm place as this can cause them to lose their scent over time. We would recommend that you store them in a dry cool place. Keeping them in a dry and cool place is key for the wax melts to hold its aromas for longer. Be sure to clean your wax melt burner of the old wax on a regular basis.